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THE SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS KIT: How to Go Beyond Mind and Matter to Actualize Creative Genius

  • Learn about the ways to open the door to dimensions beyond the normal range of human perception
  • Identify which methods are best for your personal journey into accessing the matrix of divine intelligence
  • Learn new ways to move your mind out of control and into expansion allowing genius to flow into you
  • Find out what attributes/characteristics you MUST have in order to launch yourself into the super-consciousness information highway.                            
  • Discover how your perception of matter can either prevent you from or prepare you for great creative discovery
  • Finally, Learn how to put it all together and move it into action for the manifestation of your goals and dreams into physical reality

Some of the greatest inventors of our time have used these methods for the creation of inventions that have revolutionized our lives. Be it technology, philosophy, scientific breakthrough or great inspirational creative works that make our hearts and souls soar to new heights……they all provide a quantum leap in the evolution of mankind.   

All of us can have it. It is within all of us to grasp…we need only be open to receive. This ebook will teach you how to move out of logic and into intuition which will magnetize the great divine intelligence of the Universe to you for the manifestation of YOUR great creative works.

This product is in development and is coming soon!

Linda Zander
22631 Pacific Coast Highway Suite #780
Malibu, CA  90265